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For an embodily, emotional, minded  and spiritual life, in harmony and balance.

This breathwork helps to cross and integrate all old events registered in your psychic and physical memory. Emotions and memories are then

information and supports that allow you to keep moving forward freedom.

Jagaana®-sessies die al gegeven zijn

In december 2023: 182

JAGAANA Therapeutic support

Psycho-Body Therapy

Jagaana Breathing, an accompanied practice to explore, vitalize and heal your inner world

Individual session

A first, a verbal interview. The person is welcomed and listened. A theme or a need could be pointed out. Then come the Breathwork practice by itself : Lying, cover by a blanket and supported by the music, the breathee focuses her/his attention on her/his breath. This breath is wide and connected (without a break between in and out). The therapist gently support the work with his presence. A resting time allows you to integrate the experience and to feel the benefits. The session ends with a closing exchange.

Jagaana breathing is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to experience their emotions fully and healthily, to welcome themselves with compassion, to understand difficult choices or to balance their masculine and feminine polarities as well as their respective tendencies (rational- intuitive, activity-receptivity, etc.). It is a source of joy and vitality, peace, insight, courage and reconciliation.

In addition to self-development, it is particularly advised in cases of depression, exhaustion, anxiety, mourns, complex choices, addictions and other specific challenges of life. It supports genlty but deeply all our life times (parenthood or other). Finally, it helps us to handle some illnesses or physical disorders (asthma, respiratory tension, chronic pain, etc.) by generating intimacy and complicity with our body, 

Who is the practice for?

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