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To live fully your emotions, to overcome your blockages, to make your resistances disappear, to feel your body vibrate, to feel at peace, to let your mind run without fear, to accept yourself, to make an inner journey, to understand, to take care of yourself and better take care of others, to be luminous, to feel alive...


"Jagaana breathing makes me aware of what prevented me from really being myself. It helped me to understand who I am. It also helps me to get better one’s desires and to avoid falling back into an old pattern.

Anyway, that's the way I see it. And I'm really happy to have been able to participate in this work on myself via this therapeutic technique.

Dear Josée, I don't have enough words to thank you for allowing me to live this beautiful experience."


"Audrey freed me from a weight that had carry on for years!

With her active listening, without judgment, and through the Jagaana breatwork, I felt in a safe space and I was able to listen fully what my body had to tell me."


"A hearty, conscious and warm welcome. A real listening which is allowing myself to really feel heard and to surrender in safety."


"It's amazing how this technique cleans deep wounds"


"I went to see Valérie for a breathwork because I was very stressed out, anxious which it was swaying on my mood and on my body (big tensions in the neck). I never had done a breathwork session before. Valérie welcomed, listened and support me in this breathwork with kindness and it feels good. I ended up relaxed and more serene. I got back a cheerful mood and my joy of living. Thank you!! "

- N -

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